Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli beach is part of a long stretch of fine white sand beach which extends seamlessly to Wayari to its north and extends upto Devbaug Sangam where the Karli river meets the arabian sea to its south. The entire stretch of Tarkarli beach is almost 8 kms long.

Tarkarli is about 35 kms off the NH 17 from Kasal just before reaching Sindhudurg town. Tarkarli shot into fame after M.T.D.C started the beach resort in Tarkarli and declared Tarkarli as one of the premiere beach destination in Maharashtra. SCUBA diving which was introduced in Tarkarli only increased its popularity as a beach destination. The backwaters of Karli river running almost parallel to the Tarkarli beach imparts Tarkarli an almost surreal beauty.

Tarkarli Beach

Holidays in Tarkarli

Water sports in Tarkarli

Located off the coast of Devbaug half an hour away from Tarkarli, Tsunami island is the hub of all the water sports activities in Tarkarli. All water sports rides including parasailing in the sea is done here at Tsunami island making it a sought after spot fot water sports.

Boating in Tarkarli

Boating and dolphin watch rides are very popular activities during a holiday in Tarkarli. The boating operators have a few fixed routes and sightseeing points like Bhogwe beach Nivati rocks etc which they cover during a boating trip from Tarkarli.

Reaching Tarkarli

Sindhudurg Kankavli and Kudal are the nearest railway stations from Tarkarli (about 30kms) however Sawantwadi (55 kms) is the major station near Tarkarli where most of the long distance trains stop. We offer pick up service from the railway station to Tarkarli

Tarkarli Beaches

Wayari Beach

Wayari is located just north of Tarkarli beach towards Malvan hardly 2 kms from Tarkarli beach by road (if one walks by the beach Tarkarli beach is just about a kilometre from Wayari. Wayari has clean stretch of white sand beach with the sindhudurg fort looming on its northern side..

Tarkarli Beach

Nestled between Wayari and Devbaug beaches Tarkarli beach in reality is a small stretch of very broad beach which seamlessly extends to its north onto Wayari beach and tapers down to Devbaug beach to its south. Hardly 100 metres from the Tarkarli beach is the banks of Karli backwaters

Devbaug Beach

An extension of the Tarkarli beach, Devbaug lies to the south of Tarkarli and extends upto the Devbaug Sangam point. Devbaug is a small fishing hamlet blessed with a fine white sand beach. Tsunami island and Devbaug Sangam are the main attractions in Devbaug.

Karli Backwaters

Karli backwaters which run almost parallel to the beach starting from Tarkarli on to the little peninisular of Devbaug is the factor that imparts Tarkarli an almost surreal beauty and makes it an unique beach destination in Maharashtra.

The piece of land here is so narrow that some of the properties here have the backwaters on one side and the sea on the other. Boating in the backwater is available at the backwater side of Tarkarli and there are house boats also available in the backwaters. M.T.D.C. has a 'kettuvallom' - kerala style of houseboat whereas private house boats are more like mini cruises with an upper deck and related paraphernalia.

Distances from Tarkarli to nearby Beaches

Tarkarli to Devbaug Beach 6 Kms
Tarkarli to Malvan Beach 7 Kms
Tarkarli to Chivla Beach 9 Kms
Tarkarli to Dandi Beach 6 Kms
Tarkarli to Sarjekot Beach 15 Kms
Tarkarli to Tondavali Beach 20 Kms