Devbaug, which literally translates to 'Gods Garden' truely lives upto its name. A beautiful piece of land jutting out of the mainland with the Karli back waters on one side and Arabian sea on the other Devbaug is amongst the prettiest area in this region near Tarkarli. Devbaug Sangam is the major attraction of Devbaug where the Karli backwaters meets the Arabian sea.

An extension of the Tarkarli beach, Devbaug lies to the south of Tarkarli and extends upto the Devbaug Sangam point. Devbaug is a small fishing hamlet blessed with a fine white sand beach. Tsunami island and Devbaug Sangam are the main attractions in Devbaug.
Bhogwe Beach
Bhogwe is a very secluded beach on the opposite banks of Karli river. Bhogwe is a long stretch of beach with the Nivati fort to its south with a very clean beach and a few rocky patches.
Fishing Hamlet in Transformation

An erstwhile fishing hamlet Devbaug is developing into a tourist destination with a good majority of youth prefering the tourism industry. Devbaug has some of the best hotels in Tarkarli.

Watersports in Tsunami Island
An Island that was formed after the last Tsunami in 2004 and named after it, Tsunami island is a small piece of land which emerges only during low water levels in the Karli backwater. Tsunami island is the hub of watersports in Tarkarli with many water sports operators, and is the most frequented place in Tarkarli by tourists. Parasailing in the backwater is the latest addition to the activities in Tsunami island.
Devbaug Sangam

Devbaug Sangam is the most picturesque spots near Tarkarli where the Karli backwaters meets the sea. The swaying palms on the other bank and the waves crashing with the river water paints a very beautiful picture.
Dolphin Watch rides - Tarkarli
Tsunami Island
Devbaug Sangam
Devbaug Beach
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