Devbaug Beach

Devbaug, which literally translates to 'Gods Garden' truely lives upto its name. A beautiful piece of land jutting out of the mainland with the Karli back waters on one side and Arabian sea on the other Devbaug is amongst the prettiest area in this region near Tarkarli. Devbaug Sangam is the major attraction of Devbaug where the Karli backwaters meets the Arabian sea.

An extension of the Tarkarli beach, Devbaug lies to the south of Tarkarli and extends upto the Devbaug Sangam point. Devbaug was a quaint fishing hamlet blessed with a fine white sand beach however now a major part of the population in Devbaug is involved in the hospitality business in one way or the other. Tsunami island and Devbaug Sangam are the main tourist attractions in Devbaug.

Devbaug Beach

Gods Garden


Devbaug has a distinct appeal similar to south Goa with grottos and crosses adorning the quaint hamlet intermittently. The Devbaug beach is a secluded stretch of white sand beach extending from the Devbaug Sangam to Tarkarli and further.


An Island that was formed after the Tsunami in 2004 and named after it, Tsunami island is a small piece of land which emerges only during low tides in the Karli backwater. Tsunami island is the hub of water sports in Tarkarli making Devbaug a popular place.

Devbaug Beach

Devbaug Sangam is the most picturesque spots near Tarkarli where the Karli backwaters meets the sea. The swaying palms on the other bank and the waves crashing with the river water paints a beautiful picture. Bhogwe is located on the other side of Karli

Tarkarli Beaches

Wayari Beach

Wayari is located just north of Tarkarli beach towards Malvan hardly 2 kms from Tarkarli beach by road (if one walks by the beach Tarkarli beach is just about a kilometre from Wayari. Wayari has clean stretch of white sand beach with the sindhudurg fort looming on its northern side..

Tarkarli Beach

Nestled between Wayari and Devbaug beaches Tarkarli beach in reality is a small stretch of very broad beach which seamlessly extends to its north onto Wayari beach and tapers down to Devbaug beach to its south. Hardly 100 metres from the Tarkarli beach is the banks of Karli backwaters

Devbaug Beach

As soon as you enter Devbag you will realise how well suited this name is. The Arabian sea on one side and the Karli river on the other with lines of coconut and areca palms welcome you to Devbag. While going to Devbag the patch of land between the sea and the river is hardly about 100 ft wide

Karli Backwaters

Karli backwaters which run almost parallel to the beach starting from Tarkarli on to the little peninisular of Devbaug is the factor that imparts Devbaug an almost surreal beauty and makes it an unique beach destination in Maharashtra like.

The piece of land here is so narrow that some of the properties here have the backwaters on one side and the sea on the other. Boating in the backwater is available at the backwater side of Tarkarli and there are house boats also available in the backwaters. M.T.D.C. has a 'kettuvallom' - kerala style of houseboat whereas private house boats are more like mini cruises with an upper deck and related paraphernalia.

Distances from Devbaug to nearby Beaches

Devbaug to Tarkarli Beach 6 Kms
Devbaug to Malvan Beach 12 Kms
Devbaug to Chivla Beach 15 Kms
Devbaug to Dandi Beach 12 Kms
Devbaug to Sarjekot Beach 20 Kms
Devbaug to Tondavali Beach 25 Kms